Shared Data Base

 Never wonder what is going on with your billing! By sharing a system, we provide transparency with the ability to run reports 24 hours a day. We integrate with your practice providing your office with the support it needs to effectively manage your accounts receivables. We offer both Medisoft and MDsuite Practice Management Systems. Both come with access to an integrated electronic appointment scheduling system. Simply sign on through our remote services and enjoy the benefits of using your billing system as if it were installed locally at your office at no additional charge. 

Medical Coding

Assigning the right code to the claim is key in sending a clean claim and getting that claim paid on time.  Our staff consists of Certified Coding Specialists who are already trained and certified on the new ICD-10 coding guidelines. 

Revenue Cycle Management

More than just “medical billing”, we handle the insurance claim from start to finish.  Starting with assigning the most specific code to the medical claim, tracking the claim through the clearinghouse and the payer and ensuring that the claim is paid in a timely manner.  Our statement processing allows your patients to receive statements both electronically and on paper for a competitive rate.  With our online bill payment services (offered at no additional charge), your patients have the ability to pay their remainder bill online. 

Patient Call Center

We provide your patients a call center to help answer billing and benefits-related questions, allowing you to free-up time spent on the phone answering patient billing related phone calls. 

Collections and Accounts Receivables Management

Sometimes a well-organized staff and physician aren’t enough to follow-up on all medical insurance issues and denials.  Let our dedicated and skilled specialists track those claims and ensure that the claim is paid to its fullest.  We’ll work closely with your office staff to streamline efficiency and provide training when necessary. 

Competitive Pricing

 Our pricing is simple and straight-forward.  We charge a competitive percentage on all insurance monies collected, plus a per transaction fee on patient statement processing.  If you prefer to use your own clearinghouse or software we'll adjust our rates.  

Serving Providers Nationwide


Based just south of Louisville, KY, we service practices nationwide. 

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Family Care (both physician and nurse practitioners)
  • Nephrology/Dialysis
  • Anesthesiology/Pain Management
  • Cardiology
  • Podiatry
  • Independent Diagnostic Facilities
  • Neurology
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Rural Health Clinics


No EHR Solution?

For an additional monthly fee we can set your practice up with one of our easy and integrated solutions.