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Medisoft Version 22


Medisoft's longstanding reputation as one of the most stable, usable practice management systems continues into version 22. Enjoy a host of new features without sacrificing the workflows and customization on which your practice has come to rely.

New in Version 22:


Accounts Receivable Tracker

The new AR Tracker tool makes it easy for staff to drill down into their Accounts Receivable and work outstanding balances from within Medisoft. With advanced filtering capabilities and the ability to create and assign tasks, staff can create the exact workflows they need to follow up on balances and bring more of your revenue back in the door.

Enhanced Eligibility Checking

With the shift in payment responsibility to patients, it’s more important than ever to get up to date eligibility benefits information at or before the time of service. There have been major upgrades to the eligibility checking system including better automation.  *Note-Requires Clearinghouse Subscription

Improvements in Payment Processing

Batch posting of remittances has been upgraded to allow you to partial post. You can now print an EOB for a single claim. New filtering options make it easier to find claims that are ready to post and make you more efficient.

Checking Claim Status

Now you can initiate an electronic claim status check with our recommended clearinghouse partners and receive an electronic response that updates the status of claims making it even easier to know if you’re going to be paid. *Note-Requires Clearinghouse Subscription 

Enhanced Eligibility Checking

Medisoft Mobile now includes a brand new user interface, new levels of customization for your superbills and patient questionnaires.  Supported devices for Android Tablet, iPad and iPhone. *Note-the mobile app is available in the Network Pro Version only.


Which Version is Right for You?

Medisoft Basic

Designed for smaller practices who primarily need to send claims and perform basic account management, along with the ability to schedule patients electronically.  Basic Accounting is a "lite" version of Medisoft with limited functionality. 

Medisoft Advanced

 If you  need a practice solution that reduces the administrative burden of your practice while helping to improve patient care and the reimbursement for that care.  Medisoft Advanced provides a powerful workflow engine to manage the scheduling, billing and revenue management functions of your practice. 

Medisoft Network Pro

 Linking a number of computers and users into a single network makes it possible to manage a busy healthcare practice....That's why Medisoft Network Professional is integrated with all the finest software features.  Regardless of how quickly you grow and multiply, Medisoft ensures the flexible control you need.  With the Network Professional version of the software, two or more users can simultaneously access the central database at one time. 

Medisoft Clinical

Medisoft Clinical

Medisoft Clinical combines the practice management features of Medisoft Practice Management with a fully functional electronic health record (EHR) at a price point geared to smaller physician practices like yours. With Medisoft Clinical, you get the latest in practice automation without a lot of hassle and at a price you can afford 

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Medisoft Cloud

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