Our Clearinghouse Partners

Clearinghouses are senders and receivers of electronic claim information managed by software.  As each claim can trigger numerous actions, clearinghouses are electronic stations or hubs that allow healthcare practices to transmit electronic claims to insurance carriers in a secure way to protect PHI.  Additionally its a way to consolidate electronic claims and manage them from a single location either from an online dashboard or with your practice management software.

We're Here To Help

There are many decisions to make when choosing the right clearinghouse.

Our partners offer a suite of features designed to fit your practice.  

Highlights of those features include:

  • Eligibility Verification-either integrated within your Practice Management (PM) system or portal based.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice-automatically update payer payments within your PM system. 
  • Printed Claims- Having claims automatically drop to paper
  • Transmitting Secondary Claims- integration with your PM system to help manage the secondary insurance carrier
  • Personal Support- Our support technicians are able offer one-on-one support on any of our partnered clearinghouses
  • Reports- Access and read reports from both the clearinghouse and the payers and send timely filing letters to payers 
  • Software Integration- All of our clearinghouse partners are integrated into either MDsuite or Medisoft.



Choose from bundled or per-transaction services.  We have an affordable package to meet your practices needs!