Complete Suite of Billing and Payment Services

Print and Mail

  • Professionally printed statements via USPS First-Class mail sent the next business day
  • Reduces costs by 1/3 or more plus momentous time savings
  • Customize your template with messages, color and payment types
  • Includes payment coupons and return envelope to simplify payment processing
  • Processed with USPS Address report via NCOALink
  • Increases the number of bills sent on time and paid

Online E-Pay

  • Get paid online 24X7 at secure site
  • Makes it easier for patients to pay resulting in an increased # of payments and a decrease in accounts receivable balances
  • Make your office more efficient; view all statements and payments in one place, let your patients process the payments
  • When combined with eBill, you can receive payments the same night you approve your billing file
  • Virtually eliminates handling cos

Paperless e-Bill

  • Save an additional 60% vs. Print & Mail
  • Send paperless bills securely accessed through
  • Available online the same day
  • Includes convenient email alert
  • Satisfies patients online preference
  • Expedites patient payments
  • Connects payers to ePay

In Office Pay

  • Seamless PCI-compliant management of credit, debit, ACH and cash payments as well as receipts
  • Payment processing rates are typically better which will increase cost savings
  • Process payments via walk-in, mail or photo
  • Run comprehensive payment reports

Integrated Billing for Medisoft