Sunrise Services is a comprehensive medical billing company designed to help your office eliminate all of the undue stress that finance complications can inflict on your practice. Overdue accounts are becoming excessively common for physicians everywhere, resulting in both financial and emotional issues that can greatly burden a business and its staff.

Our medical billing specialists at Sunrise Services handle both simple and complex insurance and collections challenges, resulting in proper compensation for your business.

Empower your practice with the reassurance that comes from proper medical billing services with the expert guidance of Sunrise Services. 

Get support from our medical billing experts

Our Medical billing and coding experts are AHIMA certified coders, experienced billers, claims processing experts, medical practice consultants, and reimbursement specialists with over 20 years cumulative knowledge in the field.  What's more-we continue to keep ourselves educated on payer trends and government regulations to help guide your practice through programs that equal healthy revenue cycle management.

Most Common Medical Billing Issues

Collecting Account Receivables


Sometimes a well organized staff and physician aren't enough to follow-up on all medical insurance billing

Billing is often left to one individual


 When any office task is solely delegated to one individual, the potential for further medical billing issues is practically unavoidable. When an office manager is absent from the office, medical insurance billing comes to a halt, further compromising a practice’s ability to collect the money that they are owed for services rendered. 

Patient Ledger Errors


Perhaps one of the leading reasons why patients seek out alternate treatment is due to medical billing errors that are often the result of disorganized office operations. This can lead to a loss of trust and loss of business.