Don't Let Your Practice Manage You


MDSuite EHR Features

MDSuite lets you create, store, edit and retrieve patient charts with just a click.

Enter physician documentation faster than ever before.

Enter data once to speed up medical billing and coding.

Verify insurance before service.

Chart by exception.

Use models — fast as templates — that are easy to use and customize in your own words.

Quick access to the entire patient record — clinical, financial, documentation, communication and scheduling


Ramp Up Revenue, Keep Costs Low

MDsuite complete EHR and Practice Management system

MDsuite PM Features

  • Intake card scanner captures all the information on your patient’s ID card and automatically converts it to data. Name, address, ID number – even the photo.
  • Room view shows you what is happening in every procedure room, allowing you to keep track of patients and staff.
  • Task-tracking tabs. Our clinical decision support adapts to you. Use tabs to switch from one task to another – no drilling in and backing out every time.
  • Evaluation and management codes. You’ll never again forget a reimbursable procedure, because our system presents patient-appropriate E&M codes and lets you document – in real time – everything you do
  •  Automate your billing. Our system consolidates your billing and gives you complete confidence that everything is fully documented and supported.
  • Do your work when it works for you. Set up routine tasks to complete when it’s convenient for you. Batch them and work on them at a time when they don’t interfere with patient care.