Medical billing software controls the lifeblood of your practice: cash flow.  That's why it's so important for you to choose the best medical billing software to streamline your patient intake and claim submission as well as provide a reporting mechanism to manage your cash flow in real time.  MDsuite Practice Management lets you do that and so much more with a single interface.  From care to billing, the system helps ensure that you cover all relevant issues and deliver the best, most comprehensive care.

Appointment Scheduling

MDsuite Appointment Scheduler

Color-code, double book and schedule for multiple resources or physicians with the integrated appointment scheduler.  Check eligibility through an integrated clearinghouse and populate this within the appointment.  

Intake Card Scanner

MDsuite Card Scanner


Front office tasks like verifying insurance or collecting copayments are the first action in a cohesive workflow.  One small kink in the workflow chain can wreak havoc.  With the integrated card scanner in MDSuite, you can virtually eliminate data entry errors by scanning both the patient's driver or ID card and the insurance card and automatically convert it to data.  You can even use the driver’s license photo in the patient’s chart!

Simplified Electronic Billing

MDsuite electronic billing


No more flip-flopping from one screen to enter charges and another to enter authorization numbers or hospitalization dates.  Now you can enter everything from one screen. 

Eliminate Hours of Data Entry Time

MDsuite data entry screen


Receive Electronic Remittances (ERA) files from clearinghouse

If desired, produce a paper Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Automatically transfer payments, adjustments and reason codes, line-by-line, from the ERA into the Post Insurance Payment screen

Highlights of Financial Health

MDsuite Financial Dashboard

How often do you print out paper financial reports, only to have them be outdated the minute a payment or adjustment is posted?  With MDSuites financial dashboard all it takes is a click of a button to view your A/R and claims submissions.  



Group together tasks including reports and billing and run them as a batch using the TimeSavers feature.  Utilize the Windows Task scheduler to perform your TimeSavers when you are out of the office and free up time and network usage during busy work hours.