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Are YOU Ready for the EHR industry?

Statistics illustrate that of the EHR implementations that fail, 50% do so because of a failure to prepare for the change.  We encourage you to get started changing now, even before you’ve chosen which EHR you will be utilizing.  Sunrise can help get you ready for EHR and understand meaningful use.

Prepare Yourself

  • Speech Recognition
  • Discrete Reportable Transcription
  • Meaningful Use Guidelines
  • Forms Management
  • Scanning/Routing
  • Storage/Disaster Recovery
    Upon submission of form you will automatically be taken to Sunrise Services White Paper on:
    Understanding Meaningful Use requirements
    ANSI 5010 electronic format
    Implementation  timelines requirements
    And how it will impact your practice and income.
  • Workflow Analysis / Onsite Consulting
  • Digital Devices

    •  Speech Recognition
    •  Discrete Reportable Transcription
    •  Meaningful Use
    •  Forms Management
    •  Scanning/Routing
    •  Storage/Disaster Recovery
    •  Workflow Analysis / Onsite Consulting
    •  Digital Devices
    •  Other