Using Codes On Disk is the simplest way to manage the procedure and diagnosis codes essential to your practice, saving time in setting up new codes and makes editing codes easy.

Quickly set up procedure & diagnosis codes

Rather than manually entering codes, Codes on Disk automatically downloads them into your Medisoft system, saving you hours of work. Create ICD-10 and other medical code files instantly

Customize each code with your standard cost, standard charge, and type of service Include the codes you need, exclude the codes you don’t

Medisoft Codes

Select procedure and diagnosis codes to add to your new Medisoft program or to merge with an existing Medisoft data set.

Codes On Disk is equally well-suited for existing Medisoft systems. The merge program adds only those codes not already in the program’s procedure and diagnosis files, leaving existing files untouched.

Easily manage your codes

Manage your code files from one easy-to-use screen. Quickly make a global price change to all your procedure codes

Medisoft Codes

The Procedure Code Manager accesses your Medisoft data files allowing you to edit any of the fields without having to return to Medisoft