Medisoft Clinical EHR Implementation What to Expect

Once the Service and Maintenance Agreement is signed and submitted, you can expect an Implementation Consultant (IC) to contact you within 5 business days. At this time the Implementation Consultant will review with you important details of the service such as your hardware readiness and the timeframe for your software installation. Dates will also be set for training, and a syllabus sent.

Project Management

Throughout the entire process your Implementation Consultant will work for you as a project manager to help your implementation move ahead and keep you updated on your progress compared to the planned schedule. The Implementation Consultant will work with the trainer assigned to your practice and oversee key tasks to be completed in order to move ahead through the project.

Technical Review and Software Installation

Your first step in deploying your new software is the Technical Review. The Technical Review compares your network environment to McKesson’s Technical Specifications. It is required to make sure that your hardware, software, and network are ready for the EHR system before beginning the technical installation. Once you pass the technical review then your software installation date can be scheduled and completed. Usually this phase of the operation is done with your IT personnel.

Technical Support

Technical support is included in your yearly maintenance, so once your software installation is complete you will have the availability of our Support Department to assist with any technical issues that may arise.

Configuration of Patient Records

Configurations are performed by Sunrise Services during the software installation. During this time, we configure the users, the provider(s), and all the connections between your practice management system and the EHR.

Patient Records Training

The Patient Records training is broken up into several segments. We ask that during these training segments there be a minimum number of patients scheduled so those that need to be trained aren’t called away from the training for any reason. After your training is completed, we will schedule a follow-up question session a week or two later for you to have the opportunity to get answers to all of your questions that have arisen as you have immersed yourself in the program.


The Go-live is considered the time after your software is configured and you have completed all of your patient records training. At this point you should be ready to be on your own.

Post Go-live

In order to give you the opportunity to review these questions with your Implementation Consultant, part of the standard implementation includes 2 hours of follow up training that is typically scheduled about a week after Go-live. For technical issues you will be able to contact our support department.

Additional Service Requests

Additional Services can be requested by calling your sales representative at 502-538-4665. To setup additional training for Dragon, or other services such as lab interfaces your sales representative will help determine what services are right for you and help you get started.