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Medisoft® Basic Patient Accounting

Medisoft Basic V21

Product Description: Medisoft Basic Patient Accounting is designed for small practices.  Windows 10 compatible.                                                             

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Medisoft® Advanced

Medisoft Advanced V21

Product Description: Medisoft Advanced Patient Accounting has everything Basic has plus much more! Windows 10 compatible.

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Medisoft® Network Professional

Medisoft Network Pro NEW V21 (Call us for upgrade pricing)

Product Description: Network Professional will allow you to link a number of computers and users in a single network. Windows 10 compatible.

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Office Hours Professional

Office Hours Professional V21

Product Description: Office Hours Professional is a stand alone product.  Windows 10 compatible.

  *Note-you do not need to purchase this product if you already have Medisoft.

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Encoder Pro for Medisoft®


Product Description: With Ingenix's Encoder Pro, users can simultaneously search procedure and diagnosis codes to deliver integrated search results, code details and descriptions, all with a single keystroke. Integration with Medisoft V20 and V21

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Medisoft® Reports Professional

Medisoft Reports Pro V21

Product Description: Available for Medisoft Advanced or Medisoft Network Professional only.  Medisoft Reports Professional gives you enhanced reports not included with the standard reports found in Medisoft.   

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Medisoft® Codes on Disk


Product Description: Manage procedure and diagnosis codes essential to your practice with Codes on Disk.  This product is a merge program that allows the user to either merge all the CPT, ICD 10 and HCPC codes into the Medisoft Program or you can select only the codes that are essential to your practice. Users also have the option to edit new codes or those existing codes already in your database.

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Speedy Claims form filler



Product Description: Speedy Claims software is the simplest and most powerful insurance claim form software available anywhere.  Speedy Claims can be purchased for either CMS-1500 or UB-04 formats.

Easy, Fast, Powerful and Reliable.

Download and try for 30 days free and discover how easy it is to use!

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Medisoft Clinical EHR


Product Description: Server-based Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Solution.  With Medisoft Clinical, you receive both the practice management system and an advanced electronic health record at a value you can appreciate.  Medisoft Clinical gives your practice the tools needed to simplify and streamline the way you run your practice.   

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