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Electronic Statements in 5 Minutes!


Design Features
docManager eDocument Management
NCOALink Address Updating
Get Rid of Statement Hassles
BillFlash professionally produces and mails your patient statements.  You simply upload a file and you're done in 5 minutes Eliminate printing, sorting, folding, stuffing, sealing, metering, and troubleshooting. 

Save Time & Money
Most offices spend $0.80-1.25 to produce & mail a statement.  At only $0.68 per statement
expect BillFlash to save you 10-50% vs. your current method.  Click fees to see how much you'll save.  Think of all the important work your office can tackle with the hours and days freed up by using BillFlash Statements. 

Improve Office Productivity
BillFlash statements are fast and easy.  In addition, BillFlash offers optional services which improve your office productivity:

  • docManager eDocument Management gives you tools to:
    1)  REVIEW and then APPROVE/REJECT each uploaded file
    2)  VIEW, PRINT, FAX, and EMAIL, 90 days of mailed documents
  • NCOALink Address Updating keeps you informed every time your patient registers a new address with the US Post Office.

Increase Cash Flow
BillFlash professional, easy to read statements, with a perforated return payment coupon and
a return envelope, virtually guarantees more payments returned in a shorter period of time Sending statements weekly is easy, fast, and shortens your Accounts Receivable by weeks.

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