RelayHealth-Intelligent Revenue Cycle Solutions for the Busy Healthcare Provider

Each year RelayHealth Financial manages more than 3.3 billion financial transactions with a value of more than $1.8 trillion. With connectivity to over 2,200 payers, 2,400 hospitals, and more than 630,000 physicians, RelayHealth Financial is an industry leader with the expertise, scalability and flexibility to offer solutions to fit your unique transaction needs. Through an agreement with your primary technology vendor / supplier, RelayHealth Financial offers Revenue Cycle Management Solutions that help you gain comprehensive financial connectivity, including:

� Eligibility

� Claims

� Remittances

� Claim Status

� Analytics

� Web portal sourced eligibility

� Web portal sourced claim status

� Integration with Medisoft through Revenue Management


ConnectCenter�                Click to View recorded ConnectCenter Demo

ConnectCenter is a revenue cycle and administrative management tool that offers the ability to:

� Gain more visibility into transactions processing

� Proactively troubleshoot claim issues

� Verify and view patient eligibility

� Estimate patient financial responsibility

� Manage claims and remittance processing

� Create appeal letters and track progress

� Receive notification of important payer news

� Expedite provider enrollment with multiple payers at once

� Analyze and benchmark financial performance


Understand Performance at a Glance

The Claim Health Vitals dashboard allows you to quickly assess the progress of all claims.  This view provides your team with the dollar amount and number of claims in good standing, pended, rejected, or denied status.  It helps focus efforts on current claim issues and acceleration of claims processing.

Simplify Claims Management

ConnectCenter leverages our clearinghouse real-time claim submission and editing capabilities to quickly highlight claims issues. It provides detailed error information to expedite corrections, so the claim can be revalidated and promptly resubmitted.  ConnectCenter�s claim management solution offers the support and tools needed to create, track and manage claims in an intelligent workflow.

Optimize Staff Time with Efficient Claim Follow-up

Staff can remain focused on the most productive work utilizing the intelligent workflow in ConnectCenter. Work lists help organize tasks and may eliminate the need for users to filter through claims in good standing that can pass through untouched.  Extensive search features help users find claims and remittances and specific data to quickly compile the information needed for efficient follow up.  Setting reminders for timely claims follow up helps clear work lists of these future tasks until the designated follow up time. 

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Choose from bundled or per transaction services.  We have an affordable package to meet your practices needs.  Call us today for more information- 888-880-0384. Click here to download brochure on how to pick a clearinghouse.