Unleash your practice’s true revenue potential with MediTouch – easy to learn, simple to use, yet it’s a billing software sophisticated enough to meet today’s complex billing environment.


Medical billing software controls the lifeblood of your practice: cash flow. That’s why it’s so important for you to choose the best medical billing software to streamline your claim submission, provide excellent reporting so you can manage your cash flow, and speed your payment time.

Cloud-based electronic medical billing software like MediTouch allows you to manage both your insurance and patient payments more accurately than was ever possible with old style client-server applications. From charging and posting to denial management to patient billing, it’s all more accurate with our state of the art web-based medical billing software. In addition, our shared intelligence model of cloud-based electronic medical billing software allows your practice to take advantage of the learning experience derived from millions of claim submissions to prevent and manage denials.

Web-based medical billing software is now the gold standard in healthcare, since providers and billers want to have the ability to access their system from anywhere. Being able to work from anywhere means that your cash flow isn’t interrupted by natural disasters or other emergencies and that your data is persistently backed up, sophisticatedly encrypted, stored online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

MediTouch’s top rated billing software also includes a reporting function that will help you understand, learn from, and improve the financial health of your practice. You can customize and set your reports or run real-time reports any time you’d like.

As a fully integrated system, with billing, scheduling and clearinghouse all functioning on a single interface with the EHR and Patient Portal, your workflow becomes smoother and more efficient.